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Top 3 Self Start Bikes in Pakistan

Self-start/electric bikes are the latest trend in 2-wheelers. A jump to an electric start as opposed to the much more laborious kick-start seems to be the natural progression of technology in motorbikes but both come with distinct benefits and drawbacks

What is a self-start bike?

Simply put, an electric/self-start bike’s motor can be turned on with the simple push of a button. In more technical terms, upon the push of the button, a current is sent to the battery which spins the gears on the crankshaft that start the bike. It is a direct improvement on the starting mechanism and more and more bikes are either switching to electric or offering both kick and self-start options. Apart from this starting mechanism, however, self-start bikes are functionally the same as conventional kick-start 2-wheelers.

Why use a self-start bike?

The main benefit of using a self-start over a kick-start is the ease of use. Seld start bikes are described as very user-friendly as you do not have to forcefully kick the bike’s lever to ignite the battery. With just a simple and quick push of a button, you can be on your way. This is opposed to often multiple hard kicks on a kick-start bike to start the engine. This is most evident when stuck in traffic, a common occurrence here in Pakistan.

Turning the ignition off and then kicking the lever a few times to turn it back on is both tedious and inconvenient for other people stuck in traffic. The mechanism itself is also quite rudimentary and reliable. Given frequent and numerous kicks to the lever, it becomes susceptible to breaking, making the bike practically impossible to use. The starter’s springs may also wear out in time, leaving you unable to start your bike. None of these problems afflict self-start bikes.

What are the disadvantages of using self-start bikes?

Like in any automobile, each design change comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and the same rings true for self-start bikes. The electric starting mechanism is easily its biggest selling point but it is also its biggest drawback. The current sent to the battery to start the bike can easily be obstructed when wet, heavily hindering the ability of the bike to even start up. The battery can also die or freeze in cold environments, leaving you stranded.

There is also the added weight of the battery which can be a problem in case the bike fails to start and you have to move it manually. The battery and other electrical components also make the bike more expensive than regular kick-start motorbikes.

As you can see, switching to self-start bikes isn’t necessarily an upgrade, but the ease of use and satisfaction of owning the latest motorbike technology is unmatched. So, if you’re looking for a good self-start motorbike for yourself or someone else, it is important to equip yourself with the proper knowledge about the many factors to consider before committing to a purchase. Let’s discuss some key points that should be accounted for when purchasing a self-start bike.

Top Self Start Bikes in Pakistan

Main factors to look out for


The first and most obvious factor to consider is price. All other factors are dependent on the price of the bike like petrol efficiency, fuel capacity, weight, etc. Self-start bikes are not cheap. Even cheaper self-start bikes are more expensive than kick-start bikes so they are not a cost-effective option, but instead, a luxury.


The weight of a bike influences speed, fuel efficiency, control while steering, and other aspects. Due to the addition of a battery, self-start bikes start heavier than kick-start bikes and as the weight goes up, the price and quality tend to rise as well.

Fuel Capacity and Fuel Efficiency

These 2 factors go hand in hand and are important to note, especially fuel efficiency. Petrol prices are higher than ever and are projected to keep rising. Finding a fuel-efficient bike will help you save on gas money and allow you to travel further with less frequent gas station visits.

Spare parts availability

Motorbikes often sustain damage and are susceptible to mechanical failure, requiring new parts like a new headlight, seat covers, steering guards, etc. Now with added electrical components and a battery, it is important to buy a bike whose spare parts are readily available which also means they will be cheaper.

Motive of purchase

As noted before, self-start bikes don’t come cheap and are not a necessity. If you want to buy a bike for the easy commute; i.e. primarily for transportation, then a kick-start bike, which is cheaper and lighter might be the better option. But if you are a collector or wish to splurge on an impressive model, then self-start bikes are an attractive alternative with the latest technologies and cool designs.

Now without further ado, here are our Top 3 picks for the best self-start bikes in Pakistan:

  • Honda CG 125 Self

  • Yamaha YBR 125

  • Hi-Speed Infinity 150

1: Honda CG 125 Self

Avg. Price

PKR 2,20,000 


1912 x 727 x 1029 mm

Dry Weight

108 kg

Fuel Capacity

9.2 Litres

Fuel Average

40-45 km/l

The Honga CG 125 is one of the best-selling bikes in the country and a staple motorbike. Good quality, comfort, and reliability are some of this bike’s strengths that make it a perfect everyday-use bike. It’s a great entry-level option that is both lightweight and very fuel efficient. You can’t go wrong with the model and it will serve you well. Parts for the bike are also readily available. One drawback of the bike could be its lackluster appearance compared to other options in this price range.

2: Yamaha YBR 125

Avg. Price

PKR 3,00,000 


1975 x 745 x 1080 mm

Dry Weight

114 kg

Fuel Capacity

13 Litres

Fuel Average

40-48 km/l

Going to the opposite side of the spectrum, at the top of the price point while remaining affordable, we have the Yamaha YBR 125. Another famous design, the YBR 125 is strong, fast, lightweight, and one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in the market. Though on the expensive side, the high quality and sporty design make it an attractive prospect for those looking to purchase a heavy bike. The YBR 125 also has a high fuel capacity and its part are abundantly available.

3: Hi-Speed Infinity 150

Hi-Speed Infinity 150

Avg. Price

PKR 2,70,000 


1950 x 770 x 1025 mm

Dry Weight

160 kg

Fuel Capacity

15 Litres

Fuel Average

35-38 km/l

One of the cheapest 150cc bikes on the market right now, Hi-Speed Infinity 150 is fast, strong, and a great deal. The chic vintage design is partnered with a large fuel tank to make use of its strong engine. A consequence of that low price however is a low fuel average. It is also a Chinese bike meaning its parts will be both difficult to procure and expensive. Those 2 factors aside, it is a great-looking bike to add to your collection and a good place to start when looking to get into 150cc bikes.

Self-start bikes are the future of motorbikes and are quickly taking over the industry here in Pakistan. It is a clash between the norm and the latest technology. Regardless of whichever side you may be on, we hope that this article helped you learn more about self-start bikes, so you can be better equipped to make that big decision.

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