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Video: Mercedes Benz Bulletproof Vehicles Test With AK-47

Product test: Armored car CEO sits in SUV while shot at by an AK-47. Sharpshooter Lawrence Kosub gets set up to take shots at a Mercedes-Benz SUV while Texas Armoring Corporation CEO Trent Kimball sits behind the wheel.

Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) is a supplier of bulletproof vehicles based out of San Antonio, TX. In its latest video, the company’s CEO Trent Kimball brings product testing to a whole new level as he sits inside one of TAC’s bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz SUV’s while it’s being shot at by an AK-47.

Sharpshooter Lawrence Kosub takes 12 shots in total, with cameras set up outside and – yes – even inside the vehicle. How Kimball doesn’t flinch throughout the whole thing is beyond us.
Do not attempt at home.

Bulletproof Vehicles Test Mercedes with AK-47 by Pakistan Live

Did you know?
80-90% of terrorist attacks occur while the victims are traveling by automobile.
In recent years over 4,000,000 violent crimes have occurred in the United States alone.
It is believed that between 40,000-60,000 kidnappings take place each year. . . Almost 70 percent of those kidnappings are resolved by paying the demanded ransom.
Typical kidnapping-for-ransom payments range from $500,000 to $3,000,000 USD. . . with no guarantees of survival.
Phoenix, AZ is the kidnapping capital of the United States, second only worldwide to Mexico City.
A properly armored vehicle can help you disarm potential terrorists and prevent kidnapping threats

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