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Top 3 Product Hunting and Research Tools in Pakistan

Daraz is by far the biggest online retailer in Pakistan, offering unmatched reach and very profitable business opportunities. But just like any other commercial activity, retail is not as rudimentary as buying and selling, especially so online.

Daraz might be an amazing online store with even better prospects, but there is very high competition on the e-commerce website. With over 15+ million products on sale, there is no shortage of options, and distinguishing your product from a sea of others or finding what’s best for you is very difficult.

As a seller, you have to track your sales, increase profitability, and in the rank focussed product site, Daraz, track your product’s ranking. Managing all these tasks and staying ahead of the latest product spikes in a chaotic market can be difficult even for a seasoned manufacturer and retailer.

While frequent buyers who want the best deal have to look through hundreds and thousands of options to select the best product that fits their needs, at the best price. This is where product hunting and research tools, the topic of our Top 3 list, come in to automate and assist with all those factors.

Why use a product hunting tool?

Product hunting tools can be transformative for your sales and their importance cannot be stressed enough. With just a click of a few buttons, you can gain access to imperative knowledge about your product that can help you improve your sales, profits, and visibility to potential buyers.
It is truly an invaluable tool, especially for first-time retailers, but even veterans can make use of the very convenient features and data sets the programs provide. There is no downside to using product-hunting tools and as e-commerce becomes an ever-bigger automated marketplace, not using a product hunting tool can be detrimental.
They also offer analytical research analysis based on the sales trends of your products. But you don’t even have to be a seller to utilize product hunting tools.
Buyers can also make use of the tool to get summaries of different product options, calculate their prices, and even find the best value deal, effectively eliminating buyer’s remorse.

What features does a product hunting tool have?

A standard product hunting tool comes with many features, including information on the following:
  • Product Summary
  • Product stats
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Revenue
  • Profit calculator
  • SOE optimization
  • Key-word recommendations
  • Product ranking tracker
  • Reviews
  • Listing age
  • Seller info
  • Multiple product tracking
  • Product campaigns

As you can see, product hunting tools come with a host of many utilities and features, and that's without mentioning the unique ones different product tools can have.

What is the best Daraz product hunting tool in Pakistan?

All product hunting tools are fundamentally the same, offering similar, if not identical utilities and features. But there are some hunting tools more notable for their unique features, good reviews, or accurate data analytics. Here are our picks for the Top 3 Daraz Product Hunting and Research Tools, in no particular order:
  2. Daraz Toolkit


Jarvis is one of the leading product hunting tools for Daraz and Lazada. It comes with an aesthetic and simple UI making it easy to understand for all people. It is one of the most well-built product hunting tools out right now and it has both a google chrome extension, and a mobile app. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you could want from a product hunting tool, all packed with a clean and sleek design.

Unique Features

Jarvis has a mobile app that makes product hunting and research very easy and accessible. It is also compatible with Lazada, helping you both widen your reach and options. Virtual assistants on Daraz or Lavada could make great use of the many features. Even students could find this option more beneficial as Jarvis offers all students a 25% discount on their monthly subscriptions.

Payment Plans

Jarvis offers 3 monthly subscription options; Basic, Ultimate, and Professional, going from $5 to $10, and finally $15 a month, with a free 7-day trial period preceding it.
To sign up for Jarvis or for more information on the application, click the link below. Jarvis | Product Research Tool for Daraz & Lazada

2. Daraz Toolkit

Whereas Jarvis was a great option for buyers, sellers, and virtual assistants, Daraz Toolkit is specifically designed around the needs of a retailer, to help them get their product to page no. 1. This however doesn’t mean that buyers cannot make use of the many features in this tool. With an attractive dashboard, a google chrome extension, mobile support, and even an AI helping to boost and sustain ranking, Daraz Toolkit can be perfect for sellers.

Unique Features

Daraz Toolkit, similar to Jarvis, also has mobile support, but the one feature that distinguishes it among other product hunting tools is its Joker Rank AI. The AI is programmed to accelerate rank growth and maintain it by eliminating expensive VVROs and more. Sellers can most efficiently make use of all the features Daraz Toolkit has to offer. There is even a free subscription option, unlike other top product hunting tools.

Payment Plans

Daraz Toolkit offers 3 monthly subscription options; Free, Professional, and Enterprise going for Rs. 0, to Rs. 1,999, and finally Rs. 5,999 a month, with a free 7-day trial period preceding it. To sign up for Daraz Toolkit or for more information on the application, click the link below. Best Daraz Product Hunting Tool | Daraz Toolkit


Another excellently built product hunting tool for sellers is The biggest attraction of this tool is its extensive database with thousands of cataloged products which helps provide accurate Daraz sales data for each product. Trach products with a touch of a button while receiving helpful tips from the built-in business advisor to best develop your business. It has a google chrome extension as well.

Unique Features

Pigma is extremely easy to use and an excellent option for both sellers and buyers. Researching tools is as easy as copying a link and the business advisor can offer good advice to retailers. It also has a free subscription option if you need more time to fully commit to the tool.

Payment Plans offers 4 monthly subscription options; Free, Dolphin, Shark, and Whale, going for Rs. 0, to Rs. 599, Rs.1,199, and Rs 1,999 a month, with a free 7-day trial period preceding it. It also comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.
To sign up for or for more information on the application, click the link below. – Daraz Product Hunting Tool An honorable mention can go to Xenonhunt or Daraz Scout with the latter being a good option for buyers if you’re only trying to find specific products that best suit your needs.
Product hunting tools are an invaluable asset to both sellers and buyers on Daraz. With many even offering free trial periods and subscriptions, there are no downsides whatsoever. If you are truly passionate about growing your retail business or you are a frequent shopper on Daraz, these applications can be of great help.

Hopefully, our list helped convince you to join the thousands of others utilizing product-hunting tools.

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