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Get 9th Class Result Online from 5 Different Ways

Dear readers, i am expecting only 9th class students who have recently given their final exams of ninth class.

If i go to the point then there are 3 different ways through which you can check your 9th class result by entering your number.

1: Online Search

2: SMS

3: Gazette

4: School Code

5: Call (Helpline)

Now i am going to explain all 3 of the above-mentioned sources from which you can get your result online.

Website Search is the main source everyone knows about normally and it's easier and user-friendly too, here i am going to explain how it works.

Students go to GOOGLE and write a query regarding their result, for example, they type “9th class result check by roll number” and the top 3 results come in front of you and you blindly click on every web you see.

i am not saying its wrong but it's not the right way, if i say you just landed on this page “9th class result check by roll number” where they have mentioned all the educational boards but you are not on the real source of your result, it will show you the real run time information.

There are official websites of all educational boards all over Pakistan but every province handles its own educational sector.

Usually, their servers can’t handle too much traffic and their sites didn’t work temporarily, but other sites know how to handle that kind of traffic and they are ready to deal with it.

BISE Lahore, BISE RWP, BISE Peshawar, BISE Quetta, and many more are there if you know which one is an official portal.

SMS (Short Message Service) service is not available on every site, but Punjab and federal board sites provide this service to ease their school children. The common method they adopt is how you can get your 9th class result on your mobile phone by sending your roll number on a specific number, for example, 5050, please be aware this shortcode is just for explaining purposes.

For BISE Lahore:
The applicants should send the SMS to “80092” by typing the complete Roll Number in the subject.


Gazette comes in pdf (portable document format) which is not an easy way to find your final exam numbers, but this would help you to get the answer to what you are looking for, I mean say you will see either you pass or fail.

Now that's all i can help you here, if you have any queries regarding the 9th class results or any other topic you want me to cover, i would gladly take a deep dive and get the information for you.

School code is now helpful if you are wondering how you can search your results online with your Institute code. This will help you to know from which school your annual exams application is submitted.

The last service is through Helpline and it's only introduced by Federal Board if we found any more educational boards providing this service we will let you know.


Here mentioned sites aren’t sponsored, i just collected data from these sites and share it with you because i found their information most realistic and authentic on the internet.

Always look for official sites, it will lead you to the correct information and your mind will be more relaxed after getting the result info from them.

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