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Mohammad Asif Won the Final of IBSF World Snooker Championship

Turkey: Pakistan becomes an amateur champion in the snooker world. Mohammad Asif from Pakistan named IBSF() World Snooker Championship on his name. He played his final match against Jeffrey Roda who is one of the best players on a snooker table. He defeats him with 8-5 frames and now M.Asif becomes the second time world snooker champion, he won this tittle first time in 2012 and now after a long time he did it again.

 ترکی:پاکستان امیچر ز سنوکر کا چیمپئن بن گیا پاکستان کے محمد آصف نے ورلڈ سنوکر چیمپئن شپ جیت لی فائنل میں محمد آصف کی فلپائن کے جیفری روڈا کو 5۔8فریمز سے شکست محمد آصف دوسری مرتبہ ورلڈ سنوکر چیمپئن بن گئے

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