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Things to do When you get a New Phone! Register/Verify your Mobile FIRST with PTA

Well, this on this your will get instructed on "How you can Register your Mobile with PTA", most people have got their mobile phones in presents from their love once those are living abroad from a long time and get chance to visit Pakistan, so they chose expensive cellular phones for their Niece and Nephew.

Once they Land in Pakistan Airport, its good to go, if they get a chance to put this device in the records of PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication), which deal with all illegal and legal machines and equipment's are used for broadcasting or transmitting signals for any purpose.

Otherwise, PTA provides very easy approach through which you can get registered, and here comes their "Online Mobile Device Registration System for International Traveler".

Official Portal for Registering Mobile Device with PTA
PTA Notification on Updating your Mobile Device
For those who try to get away or trying to use a mobile phone without any verification will face heavy fine after losing their phones SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) network connectivity, so be careful and do the right things so you won't face any trouble in near future.

Now its time to follow my steps, through which you can avoid lots of brainstorming, after that lean back and wait for their verification SMS (Short Message Service) from PTA officials.

First, you have look if your cell phone IMEI is verified or not, then you have to proceed for further instructions in which you put request to PTA that you want to register your mobile device. Now another question popup in your mind and that will be "How to find EMEI code of my Mobile Device?"
Instructions For How to Find EMEI Code?
Note: These instruction are based specifically for iPhone user, Android settings could be the same if we look into it.
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to General
  • Go to About
  • Scroll Down, there you will see your Mobile Phone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
Instructions For Free SMS Based Verification
  • Go to message
  • Create a new message
  • Type IMEI
  • Send to 8484 (No Hidden Charges)

How to Send SMS to PTA for Mobile Phone IMEI Verification free of Cost
IMEI Verification Reply From PTA SMS Service
Translation of IMEI Verification Via SMS is "You Mobile Device EMEI (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx), is verified from PTA", through this SMS you can calm down.

If you move on the real problem then we have to share a way with your guys through you can get rid of this unwelcoming headache.

Actually, you have three ways to resolve this problem.
  • On Airport you will see PTA Facilitation Center.
  • Visit Customer Care Center of your Mobile Network Provider (Jazz/Warid, Ufone, Telenor, Zong)
  • Visit PTA official website (Recommended Browser is Chrome)

Now we are going to cover 3rd point in which online Device Registration System portal is accessible for mobile device justification, after that if your hardware is accepted by PTA verification system then you are carefree.
  • Visit (Chrome Browser is Recommended)
  • Click on "Sign Up" button in the bottom.
  •  You will see "Registration Form" (Please Read Important Note
  • Fill the Reg Form (Do not use Hotmail Email Account, Gmail is Recommended)
  • An email Verification mail will be received on your given Gmail Account.
  • Click on Confirmation Link.
  • Now you can log in with your Email & Mobile Phone Number.
  •  You have 2 Options (Login By Email  OR Login By Mobile Number.).
  • Login with any of these options. "Login by Mobile Number". 
  • Enter your Mobile along with your secure password.
  • Please read the Declaration message.
  • Click on "Click Here to Register your Device.
  • At COC (Certificate Of Compliance) page you have to select your type.
  • Passport is compulsory for International Traveler otherwise you can select Local Mobile Registration.
  • Enter Your "IMEI Information" which includes (Your Number on which you will receive Notification).
  • Select Number of SIM slots (IMEI) of Your Device (Single SIM, Dual SIM, Triple SIM, Four SIM)
  • You have Enter EMEI code for each sim (Remove the Spaces).
  • Press "Submit" Button.
  • A "Disclaimer!" popup on your screen, if you agree with it then press AGREE or DECLINE.
Well done, you are an upstanding follower of rules and regulations, now you can relax and enjoy your stay in Pakistan.

Moreover, I want to add a video of PTA officials in Urdu in which they have described every aspect of how easy is this process.

After devoting my precious time to help you guys, I think I am on right to know about my article, am i good in conveying reader-friendly points? please share your thoughts with us we can improve our way of writing articles only for Pakistani audience.

Well one thing more, we haven't looked on the other side which is if you want to block your SIM or Phone what would you do in this scenario? I know you will google it first :)
If you want a more comprehensive thread on this subject then we are here to make you wish came true, be safe.

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