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List of National Things Of Pakistan (Animal, Bird, Colour, Day, Fish, Flower, Fruit, Mountain, Poet, River, Sport, Tree, Vegetable)

National Symbols and Things Of Pakistan

 Title  English  Urdu  Image
 National Airline PIA  پی‌آئی‌اے  
 National Animal Capra falconeri  مارخور  
 National Song National Anthem  قومی ترانہ  
 State Bird Falcon  شاهين  
 National Bird Partridge  چکور  
 National Colors White & Green  سبز اور سفید  
 National Currency Pakistani Rupee  پاکستانی روپیہ  
 National Day Pakistan Resolution Day  یوم پاکستان  
 National Fish Mahseer    
 National Flag      
 National Flower Gardenia   یاسمین  
National Fruit Mango  آم  
National Juice Sugarcane Juice  گنے کا جوس  
National Library National Library Of Pakistan  نیشنل لائبریری آف پاکستان  
National Language Urdu  اردو  
National Leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah  محمد علی جناح  
National Mausoleum Jinnah Mausoleum  مزار قائد  
National Mosque Faisal Mosque  فیصل مسجد  
National Motto Faith, Unity, Discipline  ایمان، اتحاد، نظم  
National Mountain K-2  کے ٹو  
National Monument National Monument Islamabad  یادبود پاکستان‎  
National Mammal Indus River Dolphin  انڈس ویلی ڈولفن  
Mother Of Pakistan Fatima Jinnah  فاطمہ جناح  
Memorial Tower Minar-e-Pakistan   مینارِ پاکستان‎  
National Poet Allama Iqbal   محمد اقبال  
National Predator Snow leopard  برفانی تیندوا  
State Religion Islam  اسلام  
National River River Indus  دریائے سندھ  
National Reptile Mugger Crocodile  مگر مچھ  
National Sport Field Hockey  فیلڈ ہاکی  
National Tree Cedrus Deodara  دیودار  
National Vegetable Lady Finger  بھنڈی  
This page will provide you huge amount of information regarding all the things concerned with the tittle of "National Things Of Pakistan". Here below is the table with flooding details on every single row. Things and sources shared will be provided from internet, if something from book and their picture will be taken and uploaded here. Well i guess its time to load the "List of National symbols Of Pakistan".
Many things i gathered are from 1 official link of "Embassy of Pakistan Kabul" if you want to take a look than here is a link through which you can satisfy yourself for confirmation of all the stuff that i uploaded here (Source). Hope you people have enjoyed the list of national things.


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  4. Orient Airways Ltd. was an airline established in 1946 with its base in Calcutta, Bengal, British India. The airline shifted operations to the newly independent state of Pakistan in 1947,[1] and was rechristened as Pakistan International Airlines in 1955.[2][3] It was the first and only Muslim owned airline in British Raj and flew from 1947 to 1955

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  8. PIA ais leye 1946 mai bani bhai ky, yeh tou paka tha na ky Pakistan ab bana he bana hai, ais leye yar tayari yan phele sy ho chuki thi....... us time sab kuch fast tha... aaj ke tarha tou thori tha sab khany mai lagy hain

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